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At Glowcatcher, we are committed to using only the ingredients that directly benefit the health of the skin. We believe skincare should be clean and fuss-free.


Just like the concept of a dreamcatcher - catching all the negative thoughts and allowing only the positive energies to flow in. Our aim is to offer products that help the skin achieve a healthy and balanced state focused on those that are natural and eliminating all the harmful toxins, sensitizers, and irritants, which can block the pathway in achieving a glowing skin.


We are on a mission to transform the natural beauty space and help you glow-getters achieve a happy, radiant and healthy skin, not just in your dreams!

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Clean as a whistle

Glowcatcher products are mindfully created to be well worthy of your face - free from any toxic and nasty chemicals. We only use natural ingredients that directly benefit the health of your skin.


With a friendship that spans over a decade, founders Kamille and Romina, share a passion for almost everything. Back in their university days, they were always on the hunt for good and budget-friendly skincare.


Their first business venture began in 2012 when they sold imported beauty products while working full-time in the corporate world. It was through these experiences that they both fell in love with entrepreneurship and became fascinated with creating their own skincare brand.

Kamille works her magic on sales, marketing and strategic partnerships while Romina is the mastermind behind back-end production and operations.

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